All businesses should have access to their very own IT department, and that’s exactly what Engler IT brings to the table.  “My IT Department” is the name of our core offering.  Just like the name suggests, you’ll think your company has its very own IT staff.  This customized service consists of these three main competencies.

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Help Desk

Unlimited help is available to you once you become a service customer, and it’s free during the workday. Questions? Problems? Any IT issue, give us a call. And you won’t sit on hold so long you forgot why you called! A qualified technician will address your concern right away and we’ll resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

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System Management

We monitor your system 24/7/365, so we can catch any glitches before they become problems for you. We have you backed up both on- and off-site, so your data is even more secure. And we talk to all your other IT providers for you. Problem with your Internet connection? Questions about how a software application works? We take care of it and get back to you with solutions. You will never again have to try to decipher what a tech support person is telling you.

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Strategic Planning

Every small business should be empowered to leverage technology properly. Not necessarily to understand it (That’s our job), but to be adequately educated to make the right decisions about it. At Engler IT we continuously educate and reeducate ourselves. We work tirelessly to cut through the buzz words and jargon that plague the technology industry, so we can separate real innovation from gimmicks. We then bring this information to you in terms everyone can understand.