Backup is essential to the continuity of a business.    An employee could accidentally delete a file or you could have a fire.  There are so many uncertainties when it comes to the safety of your data.  This is why a robust backup and recovery solutions is a must.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution includes every feature a business needs to keep data safe and get back up in running as quickly as possible in any scenario.


Backup Features:

Backups run on an automatic schedule daily.Verified Daily
Once a backup completes verification is sent to a technician.  We don’t just get notified if there is a problem.  We get successful verifications too.  So no matter how the backup went, we’ll know.Off-Site Replication
To add another level of assurance to our backup process, all backup data begins replicating off-site as backups complete.Full Image
We don’t just backup your data.  By utilizing full disk imaging we ensure your operating system and programs are also backed up.Open Files and Databases
Some programs will not backup a file if it is open by a user or system.  If open files are over looked during the backup process, backups will be incomplete.  With the ability to back up open files we know that we’re getting all the data every backup.Secure
All backup images are store with high-level encryption.Customizable Retention periods
We can keep multiple versions of files for added security.Disk Based
For fast backups and even faster restorations.


Recovery Features

Quick & Simple
Single files restorations can be completed within a matter of moments.  Full system restorations take longer and depend on the size of each volume.  You can rest assured with our feature rich restoration process any downtime will be at a minimum.Bare-Metal
Even if a server’s operating system becomes complete corrupt, we can still restore an image and get it back up and running.Restore to Dissimilar Hardware
Fire, flood, robbery…regardless what happens to your system.  If the only way to recover is to replace the hardware, we can still restore a full system image.Convertible to and from virtualized environments
Have a virtual infrastructure…no problem.